YIKES!  In cities and towns across the country, school is starting this week.  Where did the summer go? Store aisles are crowded as school supplies and clothes are being carefully selected for that first day back. Moms and Dads are checking the list of everything needed for the new year. It is chaos as  summer comes to an end and a new school year begins.

And it’s not just the students getting ready. It is just as scary and exciting for teachers as it is for the students to begin a new school year. What will the kids be like? What can the teacher do to create the best learning environment? What will the parents be like?  Will be have crazy socks day? Teachers have been preparing their lesson plans all summer and decorating their rooms as they welcome a fresh classroom of wide-eyed students ready to get back to the books, or at least back to their friends.

At Foot Traffic, we think that one very easy way for the teacher to get the kids attention is by wearing crazy fun socks.  All kids love socks and for you as a teacher, man or woman, socks will make you the classroom focal point.  Fun socks are great conversation starters and create a fun way to talk to kids and they will look forward to see what socks you are wearing. And don’t forget CRAZY SOCK DAY! We have so many designs that you will not be disappointed in the selection that will keep your sock drawer full and your imagination going wild.  From pizza to dogs to zombies, we have it all.

For example, how about  meerkats and llamas. Those are fun animals that all kids would love to learn about. And how about dinosaur fossils ?  For the brainiac kids, they will like the famous people with quotes that include Ben Franklin, Einstein, and Abe Lincoln. We also have lunar phases and planet socks that will be great on Aug. 21,  the day of the total eclipse.  If your class is into music we have fun music note socks as well as guitars and our newest strings. Of course, a classic favorite is the pencil knee high.
There are so many fun socks, you and your students will have a blast talking about them as you vary your socks selection according to your teaching plan.
So as the school year begins, order some funny socks. Foot Traffic will get you and your students started on the right foot for sure!





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