Can the summer really be almost over? It’s true that for some of us the hottest weeks of the year may still be to come, but August marks the beginning of “back-to-school” season. For some, that’s an exciting time; for others, not so much. But the truth is, no matter if you’re excited about the prospect of going back to school, back-to-school season means back-to-school shopping!

Everybody goes back-to-school shopping, from little kindergartners to college seniors. There’s something almost ritualistic about buying new pencils and clean erasers, empty notebooks and fresh pens and highlighters. They’re physical items that help us envision the potential of a new school year, a “clean start” that is as inviting as an unsullied notebook page or a pencil waiting to be sharpened.

Back-to-school clothes shopping is another ritual we engage in. After spending a summer at camp, volunteering, or just hanging out with friends away from the eyes of teachers and institutional structure, it can feel like the person we are when going back to school isn’t the same person who left it at the beginning of summer. Often, we represent that with new clothes, or a total new look that includes accessories like jewelry, scarves, bagsā€¦ and socks.

That’s right, fun socks for men and women can and should be part of your “back-to-school” look. No matter who you are when that yellow bus pulls up at your stop or you walk through the door of your next advanced seminar, socks are a part of your identity.

A trip or two to the mall or your favorite store is a crucial part of putting together fresh new looks for back-to-school time, but the truth is, department stores and mall shops all carry the same brands and items. Sure, you can go “thrifting” or vintage shopping to jazz up a mall outfit with a few unique pieces, but nobody wants to wear someone else’s used socks. So, the best option for incorporating funny socks into your back-to-school wardrobe is to turn to the internet, where you can find the best socks for your new look.

Foot Traffic has all the best novelty socks for everyone! Whether you’re looking for some argyle knee socks to give your new schoolgirl skirt and button-down that geek girl vibe, or silly socks proclaiming your love of pizza to signal that you’re the new class clown, we’ve got your feet covered! The same applies if you need Symphony socks to celebrate getting first chair in orchestra, or ice cream cone socks to remind you of the wild summer you had with your girlfriends at the pool. And remember, the weather may be hot now, but soon enough we’ll be planning our Halloween costumes, crunching autumn leaves, and shivering at the bus stop. As you pick out funky socks for your first few weeks back, why not pick up some knee socks, leggings, tights, and leg warmers for the upcoming seasonal change?

Hunt through the Foot Traffic website for all your back-to-school foot and legwear needs! Whatever look you’re going for in the new school year, Foot Traffic can make it happen.






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