Spring is quickly giving way to summer, and as the temperatures heat up, our wardrobes change. We pack away our sweaters and even all but our lightest hoodies, exchanging them for T-shirts and floaty dresses. Instead of boots, we’re reaching for lighter shoes and even sandals. This time of year, the big question on every fashion maven’s mind is… what about legwear? When changing over their closet for warmer weather, should the fashion-forward dresser include colorful tights in their summer wardrobe or not?

The answer really is, “it depends.” It’s true that many people think the moment you can bear to make it to your place of business bare-legged, you ought to do so. But sometimes it’s nice, when those spring mornings are a bit cool, or a rainy or windy afternoon is in the forecast, to keep your legs toasty with a pair of tights when you’re already putting on your summer skirts and dresses. But what about days when the mercury is climbing?

Here at Foot Traffic, we certainly think tights are a year round staple! We love keeping tights as part of our wardrobe all through the summer. Colorful tights for women are often a great accessory for summer dresses, for any number of reasons. For one, they can increase your confidence when you’re wearing a skirt or dress that has a tendency to “creep up” or is just shorter than you’re comfortable wearing on a windy day or at the office. They can also jazz up a plainer dress when you need to look a bit fashion-forward or funky, like at a summer concert or festival—and they can also, for some of us, prevent the summer-specific problem of thigh chafing when you want to wear a flirty dress all day long but know you’ll be walking a lot. They also play a major fashion role when they add a perfect color to the outfit. Printed tights can add a dash of pattern and fun color when worn with solids and denim.



Cotton tights for women may make you a bit warmer as you’re making a farmer’s market run or taking a long walk down the boardwalk with your gal pals, but ultimately you might be a bit more comfortable with them on!
Basically, fashion is all about experimentation, comfort, and confidence. What works for you may not be what works for editors of fashion magazines, but if you feel good wearing it, that will shine through. Having a stock of differently colored, patterned, and textured tights can help you expand your wardrobe, or make your old dresses and outfits feel new again. Finding the right look for you is rewarding work, and if that look involves tights even when everyone else is in as few clothes as possible, we say go for it! And really, just about any fashion blogger would agree, especially if you pair those colorful cotton tights with tunic-style dresses, 60s-inspired shifts, or boho-chic frocks. Pick a color reflected in your dress to make your legs look longer, or mix up patterns and textures to get a funky look that screams summer lawn party. Finish your look with pointy-toed flats or ballet shoes, and voila, you’ll be the “It Girl” of your social circle.

Need inspiration? Check out Foot Traffic’s colorful microfiber tights, microfiber printed tights, Signature Combed Cotton Tights and our Fashion Tights! We’re sure you’ll see something that will inspire your fabulous summer look.

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