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Easter is a gateway to spring, a much welcomed season as we await new flowers, fresh grass and the chirping of birds in the early morning. Easter is also a reminder of our childhood when the entire family got new clothes and dressed up for church and family gatherings.  Whether we liked it or not, it was tradition and we were supposed to look our finest. Today, Easter is still important but traditions have changed and getting new clothes for the holiday is not what it used to be.

So where did this tradition of dressing up for Easter begin?
This tradition of dressing up in the spring dates back to ancient times. It seems that many cultures celebrated spring with new traditions that included wearing new clothes to represent renewal, and optimism. Pagan worshipers believed that wearing new clothes brought good luck. Iranians similarly wore new clothes in the first day of spring, celebrating their New Year as did the Chinese as they celebrated Lunar New Year, symbolizing new beginnings.
In the early days of Christianity, around 300 A.D. the Roman Emperor Constantine declared that his court must wear the finest new clothing on Easter. Eventually, worships discarded their old clothes for new ones after wearing them for weeks during Lent.
In America, we did not celebrate Easter traditions until after the Civil War. The devastation of the war was so depressing that women traded their dark mourning clothes for more cheerful colors of spring to celebrate “The Sunday of Joy”, as Easter represented hope following dark times.In the 1870’s the New York Easter Parade began, when women wore the most fashionable clothing and walked down 5th Ave. People of all walks of life watched the parade to see the latest fashion trends and retailers used the parade to market their clothing, making Easter as important as Christmas.

By Mid-century, many Americans bought clothes a couple of times a year, Easter being one of those times. They shopped primarily locally or from catalogs. Wearing new clothes represented prosperity in a wholesome All-American lifestyle.
This year Easter is April 17, giving you plenty of time to think about your holiday outfit.  If you are looking for a springy outfit for the weekend to go to church, brunch or family get together, may we suggest some  colorful socks? How about the ice cream cone?These socks are a delicious addition to your spring wardrobe and would look great with a pair of sandals or short booties. What a fun way to dress up a skirt or dress! Or how about the narwhals or kids mermaids? They are a beautiful accessory to add a bit of mystique and color to any outfit.  Ladybugs and bumble bees are a fashionable nod to spring.  And guys, socks are the perfect way to add some color to your holiday attire. Our bacon socks  are perfect to wear to brunch.
So, this year if you are not getting an entire new outfit to replicate your childhood traditions, add a pair of Foot Traffic novelty socks and know that your are starting your spring with your best foot forward.




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