loyal-books-gift-basketLet’s take a moment to think about the ladies you’ll have stand with you on your wedding day. Whether they’re old friends, new gal pals, or family members who have been with you your whole life, if you want them up there with you, they’re special in some way. So, why not celebrate that individuality as part of their bridesmaids’ gifts? Sure, it’s traditional to give your bridesmaids things like pre-wedding manicures or a bit of bling to wear at the altar when they stand with you, but why not also get them a fun gift that celebrates what you love most about them?

Sure, you knew we were going to say this, but socks really are the ideal gift for anyone, whenever you need to give a gift—yes, even your bridesmaids! Fun novelty socks for ladies never go out of style, and they’re always useful. Plus, it’s a great way to show your lady friends why exactly you love them so much—and that you really think about what makes them so special and unique.

You might even be able to incorporate the socks into your ceremony! If you’re doing a casual dress ceremony, your bridesmaids could wear them as they walk up to the altar, for example. Or, you could use them to give each of your girls a little “pop” of individuality down by their ankles, even when they’re all wearing the same dress! But even if you’re doing a more traditional ceremony, you can still incorporate fun socks. You and your squad could change into them after the ceremony and pictures if you’re changing into comfy shoes. Heck, why not make your reception a “sock hop” that your guests will never forget? Or, if that’s not your style, you could put them on for a memorable, unique photo op! Just think—you and your pals, sitting on a wall or bench or wherever, feet dangling in cute socks that represent what makes you all… you.

Here at Foot Traffic, we have socks for everyone. Is one of your bridesmaids a music teacher? Get her our Dancing Notes socks! What about an Anglophile friend obsessed with Dr. Who and Sherlock? Our Union Jack socks are sure to please! One of the gals super into llamas? Oh, yes, we have alpacas, too. And for the friend who’s always recommending the best books you’ve ever read, what about our Loyal Books socks?

Here’s a cute idea—even if you’d rather keep socks out of the ceremony itself, why not put together little gift baskets for your bridesmaids! If you get them something sparkly, nestle that in there with cute soaps, a lipstick in that shade they always wear, a pampering face mask… and socks!

Tie the knot in style with fun socks for ladies from Foot Traffic. Check out the Foot Traffic website for the socks your best girlfriends will adore!



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