I love New York City. It is always a great place to be no matter what time of year. This year FOOT TRAFFIC once again participated in the NY NOW Gift Show, showcasing our latest and greatest men’s  novelty socks and Women’s novelty socks. We were not alone. Many other sock companies were also at the show and it is apparent that socks are here to stay!
We showcased many new designs and had great feedback from retailers across the country, mostly boutique owners looking for new sock designs.  From walking the show it looks like there is no limit to what is said on a sock and what people are willing to wear to make a statement.  We love the competition because if the category is successful, so are we as “all boats rise” as they say.
The entire gift show was busy with retailers doing some serious shopping to make their storefront unique and full of gifts for the contemporary shopper. No longer are nik-nacs popular. Today, top items are useful and/or pampering such as soap, candles, socks, jewelry, home décor items and things that show the recipient that you know their taste.  We were excited to see so many new ideas this year.
While at the show, we spoke with one retailer, Abbey, who currently co-owns a boutique with her sister Sarah Douglas. Shop Beautiful is located in the charming Brookside suburb of Kansas City, MO, and has been around for 81 years.   They share a consistent mission: “meaningful, personal gifts that will brighten someone’s day.”  Always keeping their products fresh and relevant, they recently redesigned their store and were at the New York show looking for the latest gifts  for next season.  Foot Traffic socks are one of the gift lines that they carry to make their store fresh and fun. Check out their story recently posted in the Kansas City Star.

We always learn from talking to our retailers about their needs and the changing consumer buying patterns.  Good news is, socks are a great gift category for both men and women and our Foot Traffic socks are under the $10 retail price so they make a great gift for anyone, satisfying both the retailer and the consumer.  So now that we have returned from the show, it is back to the drawing board to create cool socks for the next show!!



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