Once again this early fall week, we were a flurry of activity pulling together our fall/winter 2016 LOOKBOOK for Foot Traffic. Gathering fun clothes, fun socks and legwear and picking models is always stressful but well worth the effort.   We are excited about our new socks and there was no shortage of fun as we dressed our models Amy, Jessica, and Grant with our newest legwear and novelty socks.
We orchestrated our photo shoot at the prestigious hotel, the Raphael, in the heart of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. They graciously gave us permission to use their space to stage our story.  Our idea was young people coming together for a fun weekend in a fun city. Perhaps they are gathering for a reunion –a wedding—or just a fun get-away?  Who knows, but the threesome certainly was up for some action.  And, there is always plenty of action at the Raphael and on the Plaza. The hotel is beautiful and a great place to enjoy the pulse of Kansas City.

At Foot Traffic, we are fashion enthusiasts and know what a fun pair of socks can do to add a bit of sass to any outfit, from casual weekend wear to workday attire.  We look to our customers to use our cool socks as a personal expression with confidence and a wink of humor.  After all, at Foot Traffic, we take fun seriously and hope that you do too!  This fall and winter wear our latest tights, leggings, socks, and leg warmers to keep your feet warm and your best foot forward!

Look for our newest legwear on our http://www.foottraffic.com website and enjoy our fall LOOKBOOK for some fun ideachriss.!


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