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If your name is Fido, chances are you are celebrating today.It’s National Dog Day and who knew that dogs not only get the summer to call their own (dog days of summer) but now they get their own national holiday—and they deserve it.  For centuries our furry friends have been providing us love and affection and many times, protection.  After all, they are the oldest of domesticated animals and have rightly claimed the title of “man’s/woman’s best friend”. Approximately 44% of the all households in the US have a dog according to the American Pet Products. I am a proud dog owner and although I have “donated” shoes, socks, bras, underwear, and food to my dogs, I still love them for the companionship and unconditional love they provide on a daily basis.

Dogs also are trained as service dogs to assist people with disabilities, allowing them to live more independent lives. Service dogs perform tasks that mitigate a disability of the owner and can be trained specifically for the individual’s needs.

So, whether you have a service dog or a dog that is a member of your family, please take time today to give them an extra hug or treat and let them know how special they are! And don’t forget to shop our doggie socks collection !

At Foot Traffic we sell hundreds of socks to dog owners who proudly announce that they love their dogs. Today is the perfect day to grab a pair and show how much you love your furry companion!

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