What do you think about Summer Olympics 2016? I must admit I was not so enthused about the Olympics this summer only because I have been distracted by other things in my life that I am sure most can relate to. It looked like Rio was fraught with political and environmental issues and I was fearful of events full of mishaps and concerns. However, from the opening ceremony on, I have had the TV on nonstop, watching events as I can.  I am in awe of these amazing athletes and how the whole world can come together at this one time to be universally on the same page, cheering on not only our nation’s remarkable athletes, but all athletes that have worked tirelessly to be in Rio.  It is amazing the commitment, sacrifice, and courage each and every athlete has demonstrated as they get their one shot at the gold.

The Olympics are a positive distraction from the domestic political circus currently tainting our nation and our media. Thank goodness we can look in awe at the hundreds of international Olympic athletes working together, countries working together and teams from around the world working and competing together.  How refreshing.

I am so proud of our American athletes and the medals that they are accumulating with passion and pride. And to think that the “Final Five” gymnastics team was composed of two African Americans, a Latina, a Jewish woman and a Catholic.  This is what makes America great. It is the collection of so many unique individuals that use common goals to create greatness.  What an example this young group of amazing women and other Olympians show us as we witness yet another incredible Olympic games.

I hope our nation’s leadership can learn something from these young athletes that inspire us to do better. I am proud to be an American and I know we can be better. Thank you Olympians for lighting a torch for everyone around the world and showing us that diversity is what makes us great.

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