Now that the fireworks are behind us and we move forward into the heat of summer, we can look forward to a few more weeks of outdoor activities before we start thinking about going back to school, football, etc. So, what can we expect in July?
Now is the BEST time to look for summer sales. Retailers are desperately trying to unload extra inventory in various categories so here are a few things you can stock up on during July.
FURNITURE- typically furniture arrives in stores in February or August so look for great sales in July and January.

CLOTHES- After the 4th of July, look for great sales on spring and summer clothes. This is a great time to look for a new swimsuit, shorts and t-shirts. 

COMPUTERS- July is typically a slow month for computer sales, before the back-to-school rush. You can often find good deals.  

ICE CREAMMore coupons and promos are available for ice cream and novelty items this month, as it is National Ice Cream month. Enjoy cheap cool treats!

PAINT- Both interior and exterior paint are on sale during the hottest months of the year. 

GRILLS- One of the reasons we all love the summer time is grilling out. Summer is coming to a close and so is the grilling season, so stores are looking to remove excess stock this month. 

TOOLS- Typically July is the best time to get great deals on tool sets.

SEASONAL PRODUCEShop your local farmer’s markets for excellent buys on homegrown items. Look for fresh fruits, vegetables, local honey, herbs, and flowers. And, if you can be at the market at the end of the day, even better deals can be had.

Enjoy your summer, stay hydrated and keep your feet happy while shopping the sales wearing FOOT TRAFFIC no-shows with your summer sneakers and summer shoes.  They are 75% cotton, comfortable and cool.  Happy shopping! 

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