Is your dad one of those guys that loves to admire the night sky either through a telescope or just gazing on the back patio? There is no shame in that as stargazing is the undisputed oldest hobby on earth. With the vast universe beyond our reach, since the beginning of time, man has sought to understand the boundless nature of what lies beyond our scope- telescope that is!

Before 300 B.C., the ancient philosopher Plato was the first to start a systematic study of astronomy. Although he wrongly suggested the earth was the center of the universe, a long scientific journey of our universe has continued to fascinate and challenge scientists to understand the mysteries of our solar system and well beyond.

And what about aliens?  How many people believe that intelligent alien life exists?  According to a poll conducted in 2015 by YouGov.com, Germans are most likely to believe (56%) followed by Americans (54%) and The British (52%). American men (65%) were more likely to believe than women (46%) and younger people (age 30-44) are most likely to believe (60%).

Physicist Stephen Hawking is currently backing a project, the Breakthrough Initiatives, the biggest effort yet to search for alien intelligence. As he said, “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational.” The Breakthrough Initiatives is a program founded in 2015 to search for extraterrestrial intelligence over a span of at least 10 years.

So, if all of this is interesting to your Dad or the man in your life, how about a pair of fun Foot Traffic  novelty socks– alien abduction, planets  and  just a phase, to let him know that you think he may be an out-of-this-world Dad but he is the best Dad on the planet!

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