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Just like these scholarly owl novelty socks, you are a wise one. You are graduating. Congratulations!  It is graduation season and lots of students are finally walking across the stage to get their hard earned diplomas. Parents are crying  because they’re ecstatic that their child finally got through school. Many are crying because their student may be going off to college, others are crying because they are so excited their student will be going off the college. No matter what, the event is a passage of life for both parent and child and it is a time of celebration and independence.
It is fun seeing the students proudly walk across the stage to get the diploma and just hope they don’t trip. Just look at some of the shoes that the girls wear. Yikes! —an accident waiting to happen. Some go barefoot, others are conservative, and some go so far as to wear Hokie Bird feet to honor their school. Whatever you choose to wear on your feet graduation day, male or female, be sensible and fun, putting your best foot forward with hundreds of choices of women’s fun socks from Foot Traffic!
And, by the way, this post on Pinterest, an article for has some great advice for students headed off to college next fall.

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