363 days until Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day has come and gone
but the laughs and hugs will linger on…

I love Mother’s Day, not because I love the extra attention that is anticipated for this day but I am reminded of how much I love raising a family. Who knew? I certainly did not know how I would adjust to motherhood. I watched my own mother raise our family with such ease and grace; I just took it for granted that raising a family would be easy.

I was a professional working woman and kids seemed like they might “get in the way” of a fun life of work, marriage and travel. However, I had an inkling that I might just love being a mom because I loved being a “mom” to a big beautiful golden retriever.  My nurturing skills kicked in and transferred well to kids.

Now that I am no longer the sole “protector” and “provider” I can enjoy the family as one big social gene-connected clan of laughter, tears and years of memories. Things can get messy at times, but knowing that if we all try a little harder, forgive a little more, and stay connected we will only grow as a family.

I hope that all you moms, daughters, sisters, friends understand the power of love and nurturing families, pets, relationships, etc.  I know guys have the same power to love and protect, but women just have a “certain something” that only women understand when it comes to loving our families.  Give yourself the luxury of time to reflect on those that benefit from your instinctive love and enjoy the rest of the year collecting memories to celebrate again next May. Just think, only 363 more days until next Mother’s Day!

At Foot Traffic, we love all you moms and hope that you will continue to nurture all the people in your live with crazy women’s socks– a great way to share a smile!

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