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Do you have a friend that drives you secretly crazy—not because you don’t like her but you are in awe of all that she can do while looking composed and in control at all times? I have a friend like that . Why is she always so good at everything? Why does she always have a gift for everyone at just the right time?
When I asked her what has helped her most she surprised me and told me about her secret gift closet. We all know what a chore buying gifts for everyone can be and let’s face it, it is usually the woman of the house that has to plan, organize, and purchase the gifts for birthdays, holidays and hostess gifts. We wouldn’t want it any other way, but shopping for gifts can be mentally and physically exhausting and a real time eater. She said that she has a lot of personal friends to acknowledge but also those secondary friends that deserve attention as well. So she shops all year and accumulates choice items that are all quality but bought at a great price or at a special sale. She also buys in bulk– 4 or 5 of something.
This holiday I refuse to be intimidated by her and swallowed my pride and asked to see her  gift closet.  There were four shelves of items that she has bought on sale and bought multiples of throughout the year. For example, there was a small stack of scarves that she purchased at an end-season sale; soaps bought at a craft fair from a local vendor; wine bags bought at a discount store; olive oil from a local vendor and novelty SOCKS! Yes, there were socks in her gift stash. She had several men’s novelty socks and  women’s novelty socks  and said they were one of her favorite gifts to give because they could be personalized to her friends and they always elicited a smile. Genius! I know the idea of a gift closet  is not new but it really does work and with the holidays  upon us, when you need an instant gift for a hostess or last minute friend, you have a stash of quality thoughtful items ready to go. So before the holidays get ahead of you and you find yourself running to the store at the last minute along with all other crazy shoppers, get your holidays in order NOW and you will be the one that your friends are in awe of!

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