Netflix Socks-A real showstopper!


I love cold winter nights. I have a fire in the fireplace,  settle into my cozy couch or favorite chair and pick something on Nexflix to watch. And in spite of how exciting the movie ,  sometimes my eyes close and I drift off to sleep, missing an exciting part of the movie. I am just saying, it happens!  Dang, now I have to watch it all again. But wait!— I don’t have to. Netflix has launched an ingenious sock that automatically pauses or stops the video on your TV when you fall asleep. No joke.
The actual “thing” that monitors your movement and alerts the TV is a small device that fits inside your sock. It does require a bit of work to install but a video instructs you how to solder and assemble the unit.  Once assembled just add it to your sock. You can knit your own socks per the  designs that Netflix offers,  or you can use the device with any other sock. If you are not so inclined to knitting, may we suggest Foot Traffic socks? We have a broad selection that would be particularly fun for those that are couch enthusiasts. Perhaps the men’s popcorn novelty socks or women’s popcorn novelty socks? OR select from over 200 other fun novelty socks that would be perfect to house the ingenious device.
Whatever you are gifting this year, we think Netflix has a fun idea and we think we have fun socks!
Enjoy your holidays, Netflix, and jolly fun gifts!

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