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The holidays are such a wonderful time to bring friends and families together to enjoy the holiday spirit.  There are neighborhood parties, office parties, family events and holiday “drop-ins”. I find myself often scrambling for a last minute hostess gift that is functional but unique. I usually take a bottle of wine as it is appreciated by the host and hostess. However, last year I added a little something extra and was surprised by the gracious reception I received when giving the gift.
I bought a pair of FOOT TRAFFIC red microfiber warm fuzzy socks, removed the label, then wrapped them around the middle of the wine bottle. I  secured the fuzzy socks with a big green ribbon and voila!—a fuzzy wrapped bottle of wine! The hostess appreciated the wine but LOVED the fuzzy socks.  It was such a success I am doing it again this holiday season. There are so many colors of fuzzy socks to choose from, there is no need to stick to traditional reds and greens. This idea can work year round and I will continue to give my hostess the warm fuzzies!

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