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This year Foot Traffic has been busier than ever. Did you know that the #1 gift accessory is socks!? According to Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine, Oct. 2015, socks were the #3 accessory given as a gift by millennials ( just behind Handbags and fashion jewelry) and the #1 accessory gift given by Generation X and Baby Boomers.
We are not surprised, as the trend for fun, novelty socks continues to rise for both men and women. Fun novelty socks provide comic relief as they remind us to relax and smile. Giving socks as a gift is always a good idea and here are some reasons:
They are functional since you usually wear socks with your shoes
Socks are personal- you can find socks that fit someone’s personality by identifying their favorite hobby, job, or color
Socks are rarely returned because they fit almost any size foot
Socks are less than $10
Socks are easy to mail- they don’t weigh a lot and they don’t break when shipped
Socks are a simple way to perk up an outfit
Socks are a great conversation starter
Socks are good for recipients of all ages
So, for those reasons and many more, add socks to your list of great gift ideas for the holidays and year round.

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