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From fashion to tattoos, to home décor, skulls have been a popular icon for centuries. Skulls are often associated with death but there are so many other meanings as well. Here are some interpretations of the skull:

  • to invoke fear or caution (used to signify a poisonous substance, pirates, death, etc.)
  • to represent vanity ( such as in the 1892 illustration ‘All is Vanity’ by Charles Allan Gilbert)
  • to symbolize life after death, transformation or change (the Death card in the Tarot)
  • as a symbol of nonconformity, free-thinking, rebelliousness, toughness, courage, bravery in the face of death and danger (flags, signs, or in tattoos)
  • to represent the seat of power and the house of the soul (Celtic culture)
  • to celebrate the memory of the dead (Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico)
  • as a good luck charm (ancient and primitive cultures believed used them to ward off evil or illness and wore them to insure protection and well-being)
  • to signify appeal and fashion, or simply for decoration (some people just think they are cool)

I  fall in the last category….I think they are cool.  It is now October and with  Halloween  just around the corner skulls, skeletons, and bones will be everywhere from office fashion to Halloween costumes.
I recently ran across a blog that shows how to make skull tights.  I tried it so it really does work! I am passing the “how to” along as it is a clever idea and I give total credit to the following site .
If you decide to try this, my discovery is that the holes need to be small (the holes really stretch!) and not too close together. Otherwise the threads can break when you are manipulating them.
If you do not already have a pair of black tights, we suggest our black microfiber tights. They work great and will hold up to the pulling and slight tugging to get the right look that you want.  I also tried our black signature combed  cotton tights, and they work just as well although they do not “run” as much. Whatever hole you cut, that is it.

Perhaps you are not the DIY type or don’t have time to make your own scary skull tights, how about enjoying the month of October in a pair of skull socks? For years Foot Traffic has been designing socks with skulls and our customers can’t get enough. They are considered a “classic” in the sock lines for both men and women year round. We have fun sugar skull novelty socks. Whatever your fashion plans are for this Halloween season, don’t forget to include skulls!!


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