leggings, boots and OTKs

At FOOT TRAFFIC, we love fall fashion and pay close attention to what is shown on the runway, in the store windows and in major magazines. Without question, loose tops, capes, and ponchos dominate the fall and winter fashion scene. Comfort rules and the loose look works for women of all ages. From fringe to leather to wool, loose outerwear is a fun  solution for everyone if you are patient enough to find just the perfect design and style.
But let’s not forget about what to wear underneath the poncho. As the runway models so beautifully show, three great pairs of basic black tights are a natural solution to anchor a dramatic cape or poncho.  Of course, capes and ponchos work great over jeans and leggings but to add a bit more interest, try colorful tights or colorful leggings. And, if you are young and daring enough, wear over-the-knee socks or thigh highs.

There are many exciting poncho and cape choices this season. Just have fun changing your look with exciting legwear!

red tights and cape poncho and OTK

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