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At Foot Traffic we always get excited (and admittedly a bit anxious) about our LOOK BOOK. We try to find fun locations for our shoot but  we need to get a lot of shots in a short period of time so the criterion creates some complexity. Coordinating the models, the photographer and the FT crew is a challenge, and who can ever guess what the weather will be this time of year!?! Also, because we have so many exciting new legwear ideas for fall, it is difficult to edit the ones we want to photograph.
For this shoot, we chose Park Place, a location that represents many small boutiques and independent businesses. Whether you are from a large community or a small town, it is important to explore and celebrate those brave, creative independent boutiques that add flavor and fun to our lives.
We thank Judy at EJ’s Boutique for letting our models use her fitting rooms and let us borrow many of the fashion forward clothes the models are wearing. We also thank the local eateries for letting us photograph in their shops. The patrons could not have been nicer and we are once again reminded how fun it is to be out and about this glorious time of year. Seeing so many people out enjoying the last days of summer, milling about their favorite boutiques is a true testament to the importance of community.
What makes each shop unique is the personality that the owners create through their product selection, tasty seasonal recipes, or their unique store concept. We encourage you to get out and enjoy the boutiques in your neighborhood and get to know the owners who always provide a stimulating point of view.
And, just as each boutique is unique, at Foot Traffic, we believe in our fun novelty socks that allow you to be individual and unique as well. We specialize in women’s novelty socks and men’s fun novelty socks, as well as fashion legwear for women. We call our socks “conversation socks” because no matter what socks you select, you can always get a conversation started just by showing your socks. Whether you are a doctor, love llamas, or crave sushi, we have socks for you. Enjoy our fall/winter LOOK BOOK  and hopefully you will find some fun fall fashion inspiration for your wardrobe!  Start the conversation….

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