Once fall arrives, it’s all about putting  summer clothes away and taking  fall boots, sweaters, jeans and accessories out of storage to begin another season. The cool mornings and evenings remind us that winter is just around the corner so we should enjoy the beautiful fall days while they are here. That means dressing for the season and transitioning into fall with layers that speak to the temperature fluctuations.
A favorite way to get into fall is with transition accessories. That includes bringing out the boots, adding ponchos and wraps, hats,  and great legwear. Even though the weather may be warm, no longer does it feel or look right to have long bare legs.
At Foot Traffic, we have a thing for thigh highs.
OTKs  and thigh highs are a great way to still  wear shorts and cutoffs without losing the look, while getting the extra warmth you need for the season. Although there are many styles and choices to select from, our most popular  signature cotton thigh highs are black with a silicone band at the top on the inside to prevent the socks from rolling down. Brilliant. They come in four colors, black , dark brown, purple and peacock. At Foot Traffic, We have added another style this year—ribbed signature cotton thigh highs.  These  include the silicone band as well. Fall fashion accessories let you experiment with so many layers and thigh highs are just one way to keep your wardrobe fresh, your legs warm and your fashion image on trend.OTKs

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