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Wow! Where did summer go? It seems that the kids head back to school earlier and earlier each year. Seeing the school bus pick up the eager little learners early each day reminds me of my early school years and how excited I was to get back to a routine and see all of my school friends. Yes, I admit I actually liked school and found comfort in routine and the whole learning process. I remember adoring my teachers in those early years of elementary school. I never took an apple to my teacher, but I used to pick small bouquets of flowers for my favorite 1st grade teacher, Ms. Wells.

Today teachers still appreciate small acts of kindness and appreciation. At Foot Traffic, we have two fun pairs of knee socks that will bring a smile to your kid’s favorite teacher…..our pencil knee high socks and the alphabet knee high socks. What a fun way to start the year off on a good foot!

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    I do not agree.

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