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I am not particularly crazy about going to the doctor. However, I am so lucky to have a doctor that I can trust to keep me as healthy as I am today. For her, I am forever grateful. Although being a doctor is a serious profession, it doesn’t mean that he/she can’t have a little fashion fun. Whether wearing scrubs, lab coats or business attire, give him/her a pair of FOOT TRAFFIC medical supply socks and perhaps they will be extra nice to you on the exam table. We offer both men’s medical icon socks and women’s medical icon socks. It never hurts to be on the good side of your doctor!
And don’t forget the nurse. They are who we need to be extra nice to as they are the ones that administer  our dreaded shots, etc. They work so hard and need to be reminded as to how important they are as care givers and that we count on them to take care of us as well.

Share a pair of medical socks—it’s just what the doctor ordered!

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