Rivaling America’s favorite fast food, hamburgers and hot dogs, tacos are an everyday go-to snack or meal for most Americans. From food carts to gourmet restaurants, tacos are a common item on most menus, ingredients varying only by the creativity of the chef, geographic location or individual requests. The first people known to make tacos were ancient Aztecs. The taco evolved and the taco as we know it today immigrated to the United States from Mexico. The name “taco” came from the Spanish which means “light snack”. Mexican women served tacos as a practical way to serve her family food, filling a simple corn or flour tortilla with meat.
When in Mexico, if you are looking for a taco for lunch, you might not be so lucky. Tacos are usually served as a morning breakfast or a nighttime snack, unavailable between the hours of noon and 6:00p.m. In the United States, tacos are consumed around the clock and have popularized by hundreds of fast food taco chains and street vendors. We do love our tacos!
In order to honor this favorite food, we are thrilled to offer our latest men’s taco socks and women’s taco socks. Share the love wearing a pair of Foot Traffic taco socks.
You will be craving tacos all day!

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