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I am sure everyone has cleared their calendars for the latest SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! at 8:00 on the SYFY channel, tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 22.

If it is anything like the first two SHARKNADO movies, it will be ridiculous and full of shark blood, questionable acting, and mediocre special effects. However, I wouldn’t miss it and will be wearing my favorite shark socks that I have worn with each of the first two SHARKNADO movies. Our 3-D shark socks are stretchy enough to fit both men and women so don’t hesitate to have several pairs on hand for your viewing party. We also have a men’s 3D shark sock  so these can be worn to the office as well as a poolside cabana.sharksocksairCLOSE
Of course, to add hype to this highly anticipated movie night, there have been recent shark attacks along the east coast and most recently Mick Fanning, 3-time world surfing champion, was attacked this past weekend during a surfing competition is South Africa. It was all caught on TV and he ended up miraculously without a scratch. I doubt he will be watching SHARKNADO 3.
With so much shark excitement this summer, you will certainly want a pair of shark socks. AND, for all of you shark sock lovers, coming SOON is a new color– blue  shark socks! -available mid- August.

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