SHARK WEEK, sponsored by the Discovery Channel,has already begun the online countdown calendar ( to a thrill seeking week of shark attacks and shark facts. Sunday, July 5 is the official kick off and the week will not disappoint those of us anxiously awaiting new releases of shark stories. Although Shark Week is  starting earlier this year than in the 27 previous years, there will be more content in August as well, extending this “summer of sharks”. I know I will be watching with one hand covering my eyes, one hand in the snack bowl, and my feet propped up on the foot stool wearing my favorite Foot Traffic 3D great white shark socks. 3D shark socks available for men too!

And, if that isn’t enough, Sharknado, “Oh Hell No!” 3 will air on July 22 on the Syfy channel at 9:00 pm. The ridiculous antics from Sharknado I and Shaknado 2 will continue with a crazy cast that will include David Hasselhoff and Bo Derek. And, if that doesn’t get you excited enough, Mark Cuban is the President of the United States and Ann Coulter is the Vice President. Yes, so many reasons to get your 3D shark socks now and be ready for some heavy duty shark attacks this summer.

To enhance this exciting “summer of sharks”, host a shark party and give everyone a pair of Foot Traffic 3Dshark socks to wear. Don’t forget the Bloody Mary’s and spicy fish crackers!

Shark Bite 3-Dimensional SocksGold Fish Recipe

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