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It’s the little things that count...
Moms appreciate anything their kids give them on this very important day, Mother’s Day. I have saved all of the hand made cards they have made for me.  And, on my jewelry hanger, I have a few necklaces made with pasta and beads on a plastic cord. They have been hanging there proudly for several years with my turquoise and silver jewelry, reminding me how much my kids mean to me.
This Mother’s Day, whatever you give your mom, she will love it because it came from YOU! It doesn’t have to be something big or amazing. It just has to be from you with love. Candy and flowers are always a favorite. (I prefer dark chocolate and perennials, for your information…) However, there are many other fun ideas to give your mother.
This Mother’s Day give her a big hug AND a big hug for her feet. Our microfiber fuzzy socks are so snuggly and comfortable, she will remember you every time she puts them on and thank you for the warm fuzzies. With a choice of fun colors, you are sure to pick a winner for your mom.
Pair the socks with a gift certificate for a pedicure and she will love you even more…. if that is even possible!

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