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It’s graduation time, a celebration when thousands of high school and college students  proudly walk across the stage and accept their hard-earned diploma. It is an emotional time for both the parents and the student as it signifies an important educational milestone. Graduation is the acknowledgement of the finale of a major phase of life while setting  the stage for the beginning of another. What’s next?
To honor the unity of a collective class, everyone wears the same cap and gown and every student individually parades across the stage in alphabetical order to have their brief shining moment as their name is read aloud.  Without doing cartwheels and dancing across the stage, how do you set yourself apart from the rest of your class?

 Wear fun socks!
The best way to distinguish yourself from the other graduates without embarrassing yourself or your family is to showcase your feet! Your classmates may not remember your name in 20 years but they will remember that you were the one that wore crazy socks to graduation! Whether it’s sock monkeys, bananas, or genius socks, you will not be forgotten. Your legwear legacy will live on. Whether you are a guy or a gal, novelty socks will certainly “set the stage” for your graduation day.  With over 200 designs of men’s funny socks and women’s novelty socks to choose from at FOOT TRAFFIC, you will certainly find a pair that showcases your unique personality. After all, it is a joyful celebration and you are taking a giant step forward….in fun socks…have fun! It’s YOUR day!


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