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Mothers deserve to be pampered every day. However,  since we only recognize MOTHER’S DAY, this year May 9,  as the official day to honor our moms,  let her know how much you love and appreciate her. One way to show your love is through your sense of humor. Mom’s love shows when you bring a smile to her face and give her something that shows you know her and appreciate all of her fun hobbies, interests or personality traits. No matter how old you and your mother are, they always enjoy getting a fun gift on Mother’s Day.
For example :
Does she have a garden?
How about veggie novelty socks, garden gloves and a tomato plant for her garden…
Does she love music?
How about our music notes novelty socks and tickets to a concert…
Does she love breakfast?
How about making her breakfast in bed and include our fun bacon and egg novelty socks…
Does she love to go to the movies?
How about tickets to the movie theater and a pair of our fun popcorn novelty socks
Does she need a night off—no cooking?
Buy her a favorite  pizza and surprise her with our fun peperoni pizza novelty socks…
Does she like to read?
How about our Reading Books novelty socks and a gift certificate to her favorite book vendor…
Does she drive  you “bananas” but you love her anyway?
Give her a fruit basket and a pair of our fun banana novelty socks  and tell her you love her just that way she is!
Does she love to play golf?
Give here some new golf balls, golf glove and a fun pair of novelty golf socks

At Foot Traffic, we have over 200 sock ideas to choose from so visit our website today and find a pair of socks that you know will make your mother smile!

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