burgundylace scrunch socks
This year lace continues as a significant trend. Even ladies who don’t usually wear lace can’t avoid being seduced by the inclusion of lace on everything from formal attire to workout wear. In every fashion catalog and magazine, lace is either peeking out under a blouse or is a full lace dress. At Foot Traffic, we have always loved lace. If you are not inclined to go overboard with lace , try adding a touch of lace with your legwear. We love these adorable lace scruch socks with the lace at the top. They are perfect for the spring when worn with booties, either over microfiber tights or alone.
lace leggings
We also suggest our lace trimmed capri leggings. They add just a touch to spring and summer without overdoing it.  These are available in ivory and black. Lace will update your wardrobe without  having to buy all new clothes.

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