MEGGINGS for men?


There is always a lot of chatter about leggings for women and of course, there should be! Leggings have become an integral part of most women’s wardrobe, no matter what her age. We adore them because they are so comfortable, easy to wear and flatter most women’s bodies when worn with the right tops and shoes.
But I decided to investigate the idea of leggings for men and low and behold, I found several great articles over the past few years about men wearing leggings and one in particular, a video, from ABC that showcases MEGGINGS- Leggings for men! It is fun to watch.
meggings taxicamo meggings

As mentioned in the video, we think of Robin Hood, dancers and Shakespeare characters when we think of men in tights or leggings. However, daring young men are trying out the trend, probably inspired by pop icons such as Justin Beiber and XXX. Meggings definitely should be worn under shorts or with long tops, following some of the same rules for women wearing leggings. It seems that meggings might be a good idea for bike riders, or athletes when working out. But everyday wear or to the office? I’m not so sure. Now that they have been around for a few years and can be found in mainstream stores such as Nordstrom’s and Urban Outfitters, do you think meggings will become more popular or just go away? At Foot Traffic, we have no immediate plans to create meggings, but we will continue to watch the trends and see where this fashion trend goes.
What do you think? YES or NO to meggings!

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