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BRRR! It is cold outside! I love hopping in bed at night and snuggling under a warm down comforter. I look forward to a good night of sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and rested. We all know the health benefits of a good night sleep!
However, many people have difficulty falling asleep and one of the primary reasons is cold feet. As we age, our circulation slows down and our hands and feet feel cold. According to a Swiss study, researchers found that as our bodies prepare for sleep, the blood vessels in our hands and feet dilate, cooling the blood as it flows through the open channels near the surface of the skin. When our body temperature falls, we fall asleep. By wearing socks, the blood vessels widen, creating better circulation, therefore better sleep.
Wearing socks can also prevent the feet from sweating. There is a condition known as hyperhidrosis, that is, excess sweating of the feet.  Socks can absorb the sweat, especially when the socks are made from natural fibers such as cotton.
Especially in the winter, when the air is dry, our feet tend to become dry and flaky. Apply moisturizer on your feet and put on a pair of socks. Your feet will stay soft, preventing cracked and dry feet.
Wearing socks to bed can be a good thing if you follow a few simple rules:
Make sure your socks and feet are clean
Make sure your socks are made of mostly natural fibers such as cotton
Make sure your socks are comfortable and not too tight
Make sure your socks are cute so you will go to bed with a smile on your face!

At Foot Traffic, our men’s novelty socks and women’s novelty socks are made of 65% cotton, 5% spandex, 15% nylon and 15% polyester and come in a variety of fun designs that will put a smile on your face every night.
Sleep tight!

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