footballsuperbowl 2015

Let the party begin! Sunday is the big day for all football fans and even if you are not a regular sports enthusiast, it is still fun to watch the teams battle it out on the field. This year will be no different as we watch the Seattle Seahawks face off against the New England Patriots. The game is estimated to draw a whopping 184 million viewers. 43 million viewers plane to host a Super Bowl party and about 13 million plan to view the game at a bar or restaurant. Of course, the ads are as fun to watch as the game itself. They are always interesting, controversial, edgy and most of the time, very entertaining. A brand can spend up to $8 million dollars for a 60-second spot, trying to grab the attention of the elusive Millennial. The average amount of money spent by adults age 18-44 is somewhere between $94 -$103.

So, where will you be Sunday night— with family, with friends, at a local eatery with big screen TVs?
No matter where you are, male or female, you should be wearing FOOT TRAFFIC football socks. It doesn’t matter what team you are rooting for, because your socks say it all. They say you are putting your best foot forward and supporting one of America’s favorite sports- FOOTBALL! Order today and have your socks for the BIG GAME!

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