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OK, I’ve done my research and over and over again I come up with FISHING as the #1 hobby for men. Over 50 million go fishing every year. Besides the oceans, I don’t see enough lakes, rivers or ponds to satisfy all of the anglers out there but apparently men are able to find water just about anywhere. If someone wants to fish, there will be a solution. And, are there really enough fish to satisfy this sport? Apparently so since fishing has been a major source of food since the beginning of time and continues to be a significant source for people around the world.  But fishing has evolved to a hobby that continues to grow  in popularity with men and women of all ages.  And, the truth is, it is not necessarily the fish itself that is the prize but rather the process of fishing.
I know a bit about fishing as I grew up with a father, grandfather, and brothers that were all serious fishermen. Every vacation was spent on a lake, usually in Minnesota. I don’t actually think catching the fish was always the goal. Let’s just say if we counted on fish every night for dinner we would have starved. It seemed, as a female observer, that they were more interested in the process of catching the fish. That is getting the tackle box ready, making sure the lures were appropriately selected for the type of fish or method being used (e.g. trolling, casting, etc.), and what the weather would be like to prepare for the day. Of course, there was usually beer involved with the situation when the men collected their gear and outfitted their fishing boat–that comes with the territory. Fish tales were an anticipated outcome of a day on the lake. There was always the “one that got away” or “ mine was bigger than yours” or “ the fish just weren’t biting today….” Believe me, I have heard them all!
Whatever the reason your angler continues to find time and energy to go fishing, let it happen. There is no stopping a serial fisherman once he has it in his blood. On a good day, there may even be a fish on the end of the line. And beware…you may get hooked on fishing as well.
So, if there are really that many fishermen out there, Foot Traffic has fun socks that will put a smile on every  angler’s face. Whether a birthday present or just a fun surprise to show that you are on deck with your fisherman, lure him in with a pair of Foot Traffic fishing lure socks- the best catch of the day!

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