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2014 was not just another year. Personally, there were many surprises, some good, some not so good. But I believe that as we get older, that is the norm for every year. The “norm” is a life that includes unexpected turns and twists. That is what makes life interesting. It is also why it is difficult to create resolutions that will really work. Life can get in the way. Although well-intended, resolutions seem too lofty.
Therefore I have decided to focus on solutions. This year I will pick three simple issues that I need to solve and focus on those things only. A solutions seems more action oriented than a resolution.  I will do what it takes to solve the issue and celebrate my anticipated success.
Here is my first example
MY DOG EATS MY SOCKS- I hit the gym a lot so wear a lot of socks, no-shows, or novelty socks. When I am going out with friends I  wear boot socks  with my boots or booties. MY problem is that  sometimes when I take my socks off, I leave them near the laundry basket but not IN the laundry basket. Thus, my dog finds the socks and inevitably eats one…or two. The outcome is not good. We are both bad and this sloppy behavior needs to be corrected.
Put the socks in the basket EVERY time I take them off. Reward myself with chocolate after a week if I complete the task and no socks are consumed. Give the dog a treat ( not chocolate) as well just because. Continue the disciplined behavior and reward until it is no longer an issue for me  or a health hazard for my dog.
I think you to get the picture. And as an additional reward for my improved behavior, I will go to Foot Traffic to replace the chewed or devoured socks and start fresh in 2015! I will do whatever it takes to buy new Foot Traffic socks!

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