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I find it very easy to shop for all of my female friends and family. There are so many choices. However, for guy friends, shopping is tougher. They are not always that easy to shop for when it comes to finding something original. I have shopped for guys for years and have concluded the following about a gift :

Keep it basic and in his comfort zone
Keep it fun and make him laugh
He can eat it or drink it

I have found a perfect solution–-fun socks! Although he can’t eat or drink socks, the other two qualifiers work. Guys wear socks and they love to have something different to wear, whether they are a “Tailored Tom”; “Funny Frank”; or “Woodsy Will.” Whoever you are buying for, guys will appreciate a fun pair of socks.
Good news about socks–socks will fit almost every foot and they are less that $10/pair!
So, stock up on Foot Traffic socks and give the guys on your shopping list socks that will fit his personality! You can’t go wrong.

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