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While researching Nordic designs and patterns for tights, leggings and socks, I recently discovered the beautiful craftsmanship and colorful creations by the knitters of Muhu Island. The beautiful gloves and socks designed in intricately knitted patterns and colors have rendered me speechless. I am a color junkie and these textures and bright color combinations are awe- inspiring.

The island of Muhu is just off the coast of Estonia in the Baltic Sea and is home to quaint fishing villages, thatched cottages, overgrown junipers, windmills and a colorful, rich knitting tradition dating back hundreds of years. Arts and crafts have continued to be an important part of the culture of the island and women and girls continue to knit, crochet and embellish unbelievably fine- patterned clothing such as gloves, socks, leggings, and mittens. The island inhabitants cherish their rich culture and the beautiful traditional clothing. Their handwork showcases the significance of the rich history and traditions of their culture and their strong desire to create beautiful textiles for fashion and home. Because there was no external commercial market for such textiles, the women competed among themselves to create unique and distinctive pieces often to catch the eye of a prospective husband.
Today, the women continue the tradition of brightly colored items that are truly inspirational to those fond of Nordic designs and patterns. The examples speak for themselves. I am almost certain that I will never get to Muhu Island but I will continue to keep a healthy collection of photos and images of the beautiful crafts of the this unique island to continue to inspire me!

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