Thanksgiving Hostess Gift


Toasty Toes for the Host/Hostess
Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. With so much “busy-ness” in everyone’s life, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to take a full day (even better the weekend) to get together with family, friends–perhaps both–and reflect on all that we have to be grateful for. Life can be complicated and not always as we plan, but there are things big and small to be thankful for and this day, in particular, it is a time to reflect on those good things.
If you are going to someone’s home this year and are taking a bottle of wine or looking for a hostess gift, here is a simple idea that I have used during the cold holiday season. That is, wrap a cozy pair if FOOT TRAFFIC microfiber fuzzy socks around a bottle of wine and voila— a warm, caring holiday gift. It takes just a minute or two to prepare, but the extra fuzzy softness of the socks is a warm surprise gift that keeps on giving.
Just remove the label from the socks, cut a yard of ribbon, wrap the socks around the label and tie the ribbon tightly around the socks and the bottle. You are ready to head off to your Thanksgiving event with a warm hostess gift in hand!
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

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