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I play a lot of tennis and I love to wear the FT no-shows. I don’t know about you, but when I wash my no-show socks in a somewhat large load of laundry, trying to find the mates once they come out of the dryer becomes a difficult chore. Either the socks stick to other items such as towels or sheets, or they just seem to disappear. I end up putting the strays in my sock drawer knowing that sooner or later, the mate will show up. This has left me with the option of selecting mismatched socks to wear when digging for a pair. I have become quite accustomed to the mismatch look and have grown fond of the creativity mismatching offers.
The Foot Traffic 3-packs  no-shows offer a variety of colors that look great together so it does not matter if you can’t find the same mate—choose another color and you will add a bit of personality to your step. Whether you are playing tennis, walking the dog or just hanging out in your no-shows, mixing the colors is OK!
We continue to learn from our customers and have found that our no shows are great worn with boots when you don’t want a heavy sock or if you are wearing leggings. Go crazy and mix and match your no-shows. When you take your boots off, what a fun surprise to be seen wearing a bright colored mismatched pair of no-show socks!

Here are just a few options for mixing and matching. Have fun!

stripe no showpolka dot black polka dot no show

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