When do men ever get to dress “sassy”?
It used to be a man could have fun with ties in order to make a fashion statement or create conversation at the water cooler. Even boxer shorts can be sassy but what fun is that if no one sees them?! Today in offices and businesses, men are allowed to shed the suit and tie for more casual attire so the tie is no longer the only way to change out a fashion style. So what now?
Whether you wear a suit and tie or not, you still need to wear socks.
Never before have we seen so many men having fun with their socks. As a man crosses his legs, there they are!—a fun slice of color and design, sharing a “slice of crazy” between their pant cuff and their shoes. With so many choices in men’s socks, men can now rival women for fun fashion accessories. The good news is that novelty socks are a fun way to add color, attitude, and function for a small price. Most socks today are under $10 so compare that to the price of a tie or pocket square!
You can afford several pairs of fun socks for the same price as one fun tie.

There are three types of men’s socks.

Tailored socks in dark neutral colors– These are usually solid but can have small patterns and are generally for the more conservative, serious type of guy.
Fashion socks in bright colors and patterns– These socks can be described as geometric patterns such as dots, stripes, and graphic designs. Colors can range from conservative to bold brights, and are worn by the more daring fashion guys who like making a fashion statement. Age doesn’t matter as men of all ages enjoy showing their fun side in bold graphic socks.
Crazy theme socks-The sky is the limit with themed socks and there is every theme imaginable available from bears and fish to hot dogs and footballs to the American flag. Men can make a fun statement whether it is a special interest or they are just starting a fun conversation.

polka dot mensbaconneon mensfootballhandysocks

There is something for everyone!

So go ahead GUYS, show your sassy side and go crazy with your socks! You are not alone. It looks like the socks craze is here to stay!

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