If you haven’t already ordered fleece-lined tights, leggings or knee highs, drop everything and order some today. They are the most comfortable, affordable legwear items you can invest in for the upcoming cold weather. They are the perfect  legwear  to wear under short skirts, with cutoffs and boots, and under your jeans for those cold football games or outdoor sports.  Our comfy cozy fleece can take you from morning to night because of their great stretch and soft lining.


  • Soft as mink against your legs
  • Stretchy to fit most body types
  • Comfy, casual and warm
  • Fashionably practical

We are so crazy about our fleece, we have added more items to our  fall/winter 2014 fleece collection. Besides the fleece tights, leggings, and knee highs in four classic colors, (black, dark grey, burgundy, and chocolate) check out the new items:

I will be living in my fleece tights and leggings this winter and hope that you will find fleece as wonderful as we do at FOOT TRAFFIC!

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