faux leather sleevesfaux leggings 2Leather vs. Faux Leather
Through the years I have worn several pairs of leather pants. I love the feel of leather and the way it looks when worn with a big sweater or long tunic. However, last year my leather pants hung in the closet and I never seemed to reach for them. Instead, I always opted for my jeans or black leggings. Frankly, they were just more comfortable.
This year, faux leather is making fashion headlines and I am excited about the fun look that faux leather offers in tops, pants and legwear. I love it! It has the same appeal as leather but far more comfortable—and more affordable!
Faux leather has the benefit of being thinner in weight and has the added favorite fiber- spandex to offer ultimate stretch and comfort. I look forward to retiring my leather pants to the “Hall of Fashion Fame” and replacing them with a pair of our new black faux leather leggings or perhaps one of the new colors, red, dark grey, blue, or bronze.

copper leggingsLeather or faux leather—what is your preference?

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