43.5 socksshameful dog with sock

I could not help but share the dog story that recently surfaced on the news. It was about a Great Dane that ate 43.5 socks and had to have surgery to remove the troublesome blockage. (
I took note because I too, had a large dog (black lab) that loved to eat socks. Fortunately he was able to organically eliminate the evidence  naturally and no surgery was required.
The reason I share this story is that I have written about socks that seem to be mysteriously missing their mates and upon careful investigation of the socks that were eaten by the Great Dane, there were no matching pairs that I could detect. That just raises your suspicions that whether you blame the sock monster in your washing machine or a sock thief for eating your socks and leaving you with mismatched pairs, take a careful look at your canine friend and see if there just might be a thread of evidence in his/her mouth. As a precaution, make sure you keep your socks picked up. They can be a mighty tasty snack.
On a personal note, I see that none of the “recovered socks” are FOOT TRAFFIC. We can only assume that the owner kept the Foot Traffic socks carefully tucked away in a sock drawer for special socks, those that are just too good to eat.

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