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I love elephants and have ever since I was a child. I used to collect books about elephants and my grandfather, who also loved elephants, would take me to the St. Louis Zoo to observe the magnitude of these amazing creatures. Elephants have been featured in art, folklore, religion and literature for centuries and are the source of family entertainment in zoos and the circus.
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I prefer to think of elephants in their natural habitat, either in Asia or Africa. They share many human emotions such as grieving for the loss of their own, enjoy playful behavior, demonstrate long term memory, and have even been documented crying with joy or sadness. Their love of family endears me to this species as the mothers raise and protect their babies and often hang out in matrilineal family groups, all females helping to raise the babies. Male elephants tend to live alone or with other males and only come around during mating season. Sounds familiar.
While exploring the National Geographic history of the elephant, we were inspired to add a new elephant design to our women’s novelty socks collection. Beautiful grey elephants on a deep turquoise background with an orange heel, top and toe add a bit of exotic fun to our sock family. We think they look best when combined with bright colors… the more color the better!
Don’t forget to add a pair of elephant socks to your sock collection!

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