This summer we have invited a young sock enthusiast, TKP, to be one of our guest bloggers.  Look for her blogs every Tuesday as she shares her intern experiences in Chicago as well as playful thoughts about socks, one of her passions.
TKP’s Summer Blog #2


As we celebrated our great nation this past weekend, between the BBQs and fireworks I took a moment to reflect on the forefathers who took such important first steps for our country – in particular, how those steps were decorated! Our founding fathers knew all about the importance of fancy, functional footwear. While their wives and daughters were busy navigating bloomers and petticoats, George Washington, John Adams and co were rocking the original knee-highs. Can you imagine what the second continental congress would have looked like if the delegates had had access to foot traffic’s designs? Here’s how I think they would have socked it to King George.

George WashingtonMen’s Tuxedo Sockstuxedo socks
Yeah, I know Washington was a war hero and the first president and I could have gone a lot of different ways with this one. And there are valid cases to be made for all kinds of designs from American Flags, to dollar bills to cherry trees – but just for a second imagine George Washington doing all his awesome George Washington stuff WEARING TUXEDO SOCKS. Just think about it for a second. Crossing the Delaware – in tuxedo socks. Winning the American Revolution – in tuxedo socks. Chopping down the cherry tree – in tuxedo socks. Not lying about it – in tuxedo socks. Surviving winter at Valley Forge – in tuxedo socks — although we all know that he totally would have given them to one of his men to protect them from the deathly cold because that’s just the kind of thing that guys who wear tuxedo socks do.

genius Benjamin FranklinMen’s Math Genius Socks
Benjamin Franklin rocked in a lot of ways – he invented the library, he created the first public fire department, and if his face is on a piece of paper* you can use it to buy four 25 dollar gift cards to the store of your choice! But one of the coolest things about big Ben is that he had hardly any type of formal education and was still able to come up with awesome ideas like the Franklin stove, bifocal glasses, and a catheter (ew). And, as we all know – he also flew a kite in a rainstorm and electrocuted himself so… give this man some genius socks.

Thomas Jefferson Men’s Music Notes Socks
In addition to writing the Declaration of Independence and plenty of other beautiful prose, Jefferson was also an avid violinist. He was pretty much an artist of all sorts which is probably the reason he had a reputation for being sort of moody and quiet and weird sometimes. That’s cool Tom, we don’t want any treble.


John Hancock – Men’s Bacon Socks
The man walked up to a piece of parchment and formalized high treason by signing his name with a bawdy emphatic flourish that took up half the space so that “the king would be able to see it without his spectacles.” Like… I mean… guys…

Happy July, Everyone!

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