Yes, tsock monsterhere really is a sock monster that lives in the washing machine and eats one sock at a time ensuring that there are never any matching socks left.  That is confirmed in the book, Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening by Becky Blades, Foot Traffic’s  latest interview guest and Sockanista.
In her book, Becky clarifies:
“Sock monsters dine exclusively on individual servings –that’s one sock of a pair. This leaves you with one lonely sock and an annoying decision to make: whether to throw away the lone survivor or stash it in the single-sock purgatory drawer hoping for its twin to return.”

At Foot Traffic, we wonder what happens to all of the socks that are left without their matching partner. Some go on to meet new partners, thus the creative “mix-n-match” solution. Some get used in the creation of sock monkeys or sock monsters. Others sit in a sock drawer waiting for the return of their mate, desperately hoping that it did not get eaten by the sock monster.

To outsmart the sock monster, I learned to buy all the same socks for my three sons. That way, there were always pairs of matching socks. (Of course, at that time, they were younger and all white was not a problem.) The best way to beat the sock monster is to buy brightly colored socks such as our women’s novelty socks. They don’t digest as well and the likelihood of their being found together in one wash load increases based on brightness and distinctive designs and patterns.

We would like to hear your stories of the sock monster and the many socks that have disappeared or remained behind due to this elusive creature.


For the first 5 people that submit their stories, we will enter you for a drawing of the book, Do your laundry or you’ll die alone: Advice your mom would give you if she thought you were listening as well as a brightly colored, monster-proof pair of Foot Traffic novelty socksThe drawing will be held once we hear stories from 5 of you!sockmonsterandbook

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