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You may not be Heather Graham in AMERICAN WOMAN music video by Lenny Kravitz but you can be dressed in red, white and blue spirited attire this 4th of July! Get ready for the holiday weekend with FOOT TRAFFIC legwear.
Whether it is a crazy t-shirt, hat or socks, red white and blue stars and stripes dominate the fashion scene this holiday. Kids..dogs…adults…everyone participates! And, with the 4th landing on a Friday, you have all weekend to get your American spirit ON!

At FOOT TRAFFIC, we have several ways to help you dress for the 4th of July. We know you want to impress other party-goers, so order your

printed tights,  Star and Stripes knee highs or socks now so you will have the entire weekend to show your American spirit. Happy 4th Of July!


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