Korean floralmini print Spring is finally here! It seems like winter drug on just a bit too long and we are all anxious to get out and enjoy the sunshine and all that nature has to offer this beautiful time of year. I love seeing the abundance of green grass, tiny buds on the trees, and flowers peeking through the dirt eager to bloom and show off their beautiful colors.

One of the freshest trends this year is the abundance of small floral prints. Borrowed from the 70’s and 80’s, we love the small prints and the retro looking designs inspired from Laura Ashley, Pierre Deux, and other Europeans that influenced  fashion and home interiors at that time. However, small floral prints  have been updated with  modern flair and creatively applied into timely fashion with a whole new look and feel of this timeless yet specific look.

two floralsFeminine florals are re-purposed on every clothing item from scarves to sneakers, purses, leggings, tights and dresses, etc.  Floral prints are everywhere so don’t be afraid to add a fresh mini print floral printed tights to your wardrobe, mixing it up with denim, plaids and other prints. You will be a breath of fresh air!

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