VICTORY DANCE or AGONY OF D’FEET?        pizza and beer


It is MARCH MADNESS and I don’t know about you, but watching basketball seems to be a lifestyle at the office and at home, emotions running high and low as we prepare ourselves for the heartbreak of defeat or  celebrations of victory, depending on the teams you are supporting. At our house there is tension as we are a house divided. As of today, one team is out and one is still in so the basketball enthusiasm continues.
At FOOT TRAFFIC, putting our team differences aside, we are together on one thing—that is, being comfortable watching our teams play to the finish. We encourage you to get comfy and settle into either the agony of d’FEET or a victory dance as March Madness continues. We suggest that when you are watching your teams play (and you are of course sporting you team t-shirts, hats, etc.), you are also wearing fun socks to add to the festivities.  May we suggest that you team up our pizza and beer socks?
Even if you and your partner are rooting for opposing teams, you can at least be a team wearing pizza and beer socks—there is no better impartial “team” than pizza and beer! Settle in, turn on the big screen and have fun supporting whatever team you favor!

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