RED-Y for Valentine’s Day?!


What do you know about the color RED?

redtights_valetinesAs we approach Valentine’s Day, from roses to legwear, we certainly see a lot of RED!  Psychologists and researchers agree that no matter what culture or age group, red stirs up passion. It is an active color, meaning that it is a strong color that stimulates physical movement, energy, and action. Red is the most intense, hot color on the color wheel. It is a highly visible color and causes us to make quick decisions such as our response to a red fire engine or a red stop light. The phrase “red flag” is often used in reference to a warning of danger.

On the positive side, red represents the color of sexuality and arouses the intimate passion within us. Think of Cupid who is usually represented as red. However, on the other side, too much red creates anger and can cause us to be agitated and aggressive. Red is often associated with the Devil.  “Seeing red” is a phrase often used to describe someone who is uncontrollably angry.

red rosesRed roses at Valentine’s Day… In 2012, 198 million red roses were sold, 75% purchased by men.   Roses with thorns represent the challenges associated with love, meaning love can be both painful and fulfilling. Roses without thorns represent passion, love, and romance.

If your favorite color is RED, here is what it says about your personality:

  • You are confident and courageous
  • You enjoy being the center of attention and exude a sense of excitement and energy
  • You are competitive and love the thrill of winning
  • You tend to be impulsive, impatient, in a hurry, and easily bored
  • You work hard and play hard. You may not be a good boss due to your impatience and temper, but you do meet deadlines and exceed expectations
  • You are passionate about everything including your love life, your work life and your personal interests
  • You enjoy experiencing all of the 5 senses.

So what about WEARING red?
Wearing red creates a signal of power, confidence and commands respect. Whether you are wearing red from head to toe, or a subtle nod to this intense color, you will certainly be noticed. We are particularly excited about red tights and red footless tights to make a fun statement at Valentine’s Day or any time of year when you are feeling frisky and fun-loving.

This Valentine’s Day,  show that you are RED-y to “Paint the Town RED!”

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